Shocking Rape And Extortion Allegations Surface Against Trump-Endorsed GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, a gubernatorial candidate who has been endorsed by Donald Trump, has quite a sketchy past and new allegations are surfacing that he really doesn’t want the public to know about. In fact, Laxalt’s lawyer sent a writer a letter demanding that he keep quiet about allegations of rape that have surfaced in what he calls extortion. The writer, Grant Stern, filed a criminal extortion complaint at the Miami Police Department.

A source told me that CBS has been sitting on the story after they interviewed the alleged victim, and said that newspapers and TV stations have been intimidated to keep quiet. Danielle P. told David Parkman about the alleged rape that she said took place in New Orleans in 1996. Danielle told Packman that she’s never voted in her life so she’s not a Democrat or a Republican.

After the alleged sexual assault, Laxalt entered rehab for a drinking problem. Laxalt has been arrested for assaulting a police officer and he got a DUI in 1996.

Laxalt’s attorneys compared the rape allegations against Laxalt to allegations levied at Judge Brett Kavanaugh, now a Justice on the Supreme Court.

It’s probably not a good idea for Laxalt’s attorneys to compare Danielle’s allegation to Dr. Christine Blakey Ford’s, who even Republicans, including Donald Trump, agreed that she was credible.

According to a source, Laxalt attacked Danielle P. just before he entered rehab after a long night of drinking in New Orleans.

Laxalt allegedly walked Danielle P. home from a bar while he was drunk, and she let him pass out on her sofa, but she later woke up when Laxalt was sexually assaulting her and he didn’t use protection, according to a source.

Danielle reportedly has evidence of the rape in the form of an apology for “taking advantage” of her which he allegedly wrote while in rehab, however, Laxalt’s attorneys have firmly denied that their client “has never sexually assaulted anyone, anywhere, at any time.”

Danielle P. says that she has PTSD from that incident and she now lives with her parents in Louisiana.

Laxalt’s family, including an aunt and cousins, wrote an op-ed recently to oppose his bid for governor of Nevada.

“It’s worth saying that this column isn’t about politics,” the 12 family members wrote. “We would be proud to have a Laxalt running for office on Nov. 6, regardless of whether they were Republican or Democrat or independent, so long as we believed that they would be good for Nevada. We’re writing because we care about Nevada and because we know the truth about this candidate. We think that you should, too.”

And during the #MeToo movement, credible allegations like this one need to be taken seriously, which is probably why Laxalt’s lawyers don’t want this story out there. Excuse me, I have to hit the ‘publish’ button now.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0.