Bill Maher Shreds Fox News For Their Fear-Mongering Coverage Of The Caravan (VIDEO)

“Can’t we be a little kinder?”

On Friday night Bill Maher shredded Fox News for their non-stop fear-mongering coverage of the migrant caravan making its way north from Honduras.

In his opening monologue on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher the comedian also addressed the MAGAbomber who sent bombs to CNN and over a dozen Democratic leaders, including former presidents Clinton and Obama.

“Is it okay to call this one deplorable?” Maher asked. “Or would that hurt Republicans’ feelings?”

Then Maher turned to the caravan.

“Of the 7,000 of these desperate Honduran people who are coming here only about half now are still going. If there’s anyone left by the time they get here they should get a trophy. I mean, if this was white people it would be on NBC Sports. They’d call it the ‘Iron Man Migrant Race.'”

“Can’t we be a little kinder?” Maher asked.

“But I just gotta say,” he continued, “Republicans, what a bunch of panicky, fear-based babies. Trump’s whole closing argument is, ‘What was that?!'”

“I mean, they’re on foot. They’re over a thousand miles away. They are mostly women and children. On Fox News, they are tracking them minute-by-minute like an Uber driver coming up.”


Featured image via screengrab from video