CNN’s Angela Rye Laughs Out Loud At Stupidity Of Humiliated Trumper Whining Over Fair Criticism Of Trump

CNN analyst Angela Rye could not contain her laughter after a Donald Trump supporter, upset over criticism by Rye and others of her president, made a complete fool out of herself by confessing that she and other Trump supporters are snowflakes who can’t handle hearing the truth.

“The president has an obligation to stop picking on reporters,” Rye said in the panel debate with Women for Trump co-founder Amy Kremer, after 10 pipe bombs were mailed to prominent Democrats and to CNN. “He’s not only used a bully pulpit, but he’s been a bully.”

After insisting that Trump was indeed “very presidential” in his response to the attempted bomb attacks, Kremer tried to change the subject which didn’t end well for her.

“Everything Angela just said was an attack on the president,” the Women for Trump activist said. “Tell me one nice thing about the president.”

“Was any of it untrue?” CNN host Chris Cuomo asked Kremer, echoing Rye’s assertion that what she’d said was true.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s untrue or not!” the Trump supporter exclaimed, causing a confused interruption from Cuomo and laughter from Rye.

Kremer said that she “doesn’t disagree” with everything the liberal legal analyst said — and then insisted that “some of it’s untrue.”

There you have it. Trump Sychophants now freely admit that the truth doesn’t matter and believe that others have an obligation to be more sensitive to the fragile feelings of Trump and his supporters when criticizing their president.

But of course, we should also grow tougher skin when Trump and his supporters decide they want to be “non-politically correct,” and say whatever they want about whoever they want.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube