Watch: New Hilarious Video For Racists Who Keep Calling The Cops On Black People (VIDEO)

The New York Times and comedian Niecy Nash have put together a new hilarious video just for all of the racists who keep calling the police on black and brown people for just living their lives.

For all of the BBQ Beckys and Permit Pattys out there, this hotline is for you!

Comedian and actress Niecy Nash has teamed up with the New York Times to troll scared white people who keep calling 911 on black and brown people with this new satirical video.

The “emergency hotline” is actually a real number, 1-844-WYT-FEAR, where customer support directs people to sit their butts down and stop calling the cops for no damn reason.

Niecy Nash hosts the video. And she talks about the countless scenarios that we’ve all now become familiar with like the BBQ Beckys and Permit Pattys who have been calling 911 to report black people doing random normal things. Nash says that now with this “new and radical product” scared white people can call 1-844-WYT-FEAR instead of calling the police.

“You’re scared. You’re white. But with cell phone, cameras, and social media, calling 911 on your Black or brown neighbors just isn’t what it used to be,” Nash says to potential white customers.

If you call the number, customer support gives afraid white folks options like actually going out and meeting their neighbors or hanging up the phone and minding their own damn business.

The hotline also urges people to share their stories at [email protected]



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