Twitter Cheers As Stephen King Crushes Trump’s Midterm Fear-Mongering Campaign Message With Just Two Words

The master of horror, Stephen King, has done it again. While the novelist probably has a nearly unlimited vocabulary in his arsenal, this time King needed only two words to counter Donald Trump‘s midterm campaign message.

On Monday at a rally in Houston, Texas for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Trump described the migrant caravan traveling from Central America to the U.S/Mexico border as an “assault on our country” and once again implied with no evidence that “Democrats had something to do with it.” He also added to the delight of his red-hat crowd of supporters, “We need a wall built fast.”

Meanwhile, King’s scathing rebuke of Trump’s campaign of fear was met with celebration from his fellow Twiterzens.

And this seems to be a recurring message, one which King will probably never seriously entertain, but one can still dream.

King reminds us that America’s strength doesn’t lie in our ability to get lost in delusions of demagoguery and hatred of but rather it’s our ability to overcome fear in pursuit of our higher ideals and values.

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