GOP Candidate Wants To Dumb Down America By Eliminating Department Of Education

The GOP’s battle to destroy everything that’s great about America is gaining more momentum than ever the longer Pres. Donald Trump and his ilk are running the country. The latest effort by a GOP candidate: make Americans and North Carolinians dumber by eliminating the Department of Education (DOE).

North Carolina Democratic congressional candidate Dan McCready (D) has repeatedly accused Republican incumbent Mark Harris of saying that Harris is on the record wanting to demolish the DOE. For his part, Harris seems to be weary of McCready continuing to bring this up, saying “[McCready] continues to go back and reiterate about the Department of Education.”

In a Wednesday night debate between McCready and Harris, McCready said this in his closing statement.

“Mark Harris has said he would abolish the Department of Education,” said McCready, a former Marine who is running for the seat held by Republican Rep. Robert Pittenger in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, which stretches from south Charlotte east to include Lumberton and up the Interstate 95 corridor to Fayetteville.

He added:

“It is a really important question, and the government should not be able to profit off of student loans. But I want to make a broader point on education because it comes up a lot on the campaign trail from charlotte to the eastern part of the district. We used to be the leader of education in North Carolina. We used to be known as the leader in the South for education. There is actually an effort by politicians in Raleigh and Washington to destroy public education. Look how little our teachers are paid now. That is just — one person told me she is spending hundreds of dollars out of her own pocket to pay for pencils for her students. This is a great area of difference between Mark Harris and myself. He would abolish the department of education, which would reduce our fair share of funds into the system and make matters worse.”

But why is Harris irritated by McCready continuing to bring this up, when he’s on the record of saying it?

But did Harris actually say he wanted to abolish the Department of Education? Yep. He did. Over and over, in fact, in this debate and previous debates. Check out this earlier debate between Republican primary candidates. Harris started talking about the “overreach” of the DOE. His concern seems to be that “regulations” are holding back job creators.

“Yeah, I would really say and agree with Thom that the fact that the Department of Education, as I mentioned earlier, has certainly demonstrated such an overreach and really is something that needs — education belongs in our state and our local communities, and so I think that that’s an area. But I’ll also add to that that I think when you look at the Department of Energy, when you look at the Department of Commerce, again I think that we’ve seen so many regulations that keep stopping and holding back the job creators here in our nation, that those would be departments I would be interested in seeing.”

Because of this evidence, Politifact rates McCready’s claims of Harris’s stance on this issue to be true. Read all of the facts and evidence at Politifact.

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