More Dirty Tricks! Dem Name Missing From The Ballot In Arkansas

The Republicans can’t win if they don’t cheat. And man, are they trying to cheat.

On Monday early voting began in Arkansas. And the Republicans have already been busted for dirty tricks.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported Monday that most of the early voting polling places in Garland County had to be closed Monday because a Democrat was left off of the ballots.

“An official with the Garland County Election Commission said three of the county’s four early voting sites were closed at times Monday because ballots did not include Susan Inman, the Democrat running for secretary of state. The sites have since re-opened.”

Inman said that the Republicans running the county’s elections pulling this stunt left her in “sheer disbelief.”

“I received a text from a friend who went to the early voting poll and said my name wasn’t on the ballot,” Inman said late Monday morning. “Of course I was in sheer disbelief.”

Inman says that she contacted the Garland County Election Commission when she heard of the mistake. And once they confirmed that she was left off of the ballots they closed three of the four sites. The Gazette doesn’t say why one of the polling places remained open.

“This should have never happened,” Inman said. “This is an actual failure of election officials to check their materials.”

They did eventually correct the mistake. But only after they got caught.

“Commission Executive Secretary Sundra Mallory said before noon that ballots with Inman’s name were available at the voting site at the Election Commission Building voting site. Mallory said two other sites also were open: one at the Hancock Fabric Building and another at Faith Fellowship Church. The fourth, LakePointe Church, is also open again, according to KT Anderson, a volunteer at the church.”

If you get to the polls and find that someone has been left off the ballot don’t cast your vote. Bring the ballot to the elections officials and ask for a correction or explanation.