Lewandowski Tried To Defend Trump’s Constant Lying. Hallie Jackson Wasn’t Having It (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson shut down Cory Lewandowski every time he tried to defend Trump’s pathological lying. We need more of this from the press. Call Trump what he is, a liar.

On Monday morning Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Cory Lewandowski made an appearance on MSNBC. And it didn’t go well for him.

Host Hallie Jackson pressed Lewandowski about Trump’s constant lying. And every time he would try to defend Trump’s lies Jackson shut him down.

Jackson started the interview pointing out that over the weekend Trump lied repeatedly about things including the migrant caravan, tax cuts, and the bipartisan effort by Congress to combat the opioid crisis. “Why hasn’t he told the truth?” she asked.

Lewandowski first tried to defend Trump’s bogus claim that he will be passing a middle class tax cut before November. “There will be an opportunity following the midterm elections to vote on potentially a second portion of that tax cut,” he said.

“But that’s not what the president said,” Jackson pressed. “He said by November 1st he would have that tax cut thing going, and that is just one example of some of these other things that the president has said that are simply not backed up by the facts. Why is he doing that, does he think voters don’t care or don’t know?”

In an attempt to clean up Trump’s lies about the caravan Lewandowski threw out some meaningless talking points about securing the border. But again Jackson wasn’t having it.

“That’s different from what the president is saying,” she said. “We have a series of fact checkers that have said there is no evidence to support the claims that the president is making. So let me go back to that question just one more time. He keeps saying things that aren’t true. Why?”

In the end Lewandowski never answered Jackson’s questions. But it’s nice to see a member of the press calling out Trump’s lies and pressing his surrogate to answer for those lies.


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