Fox’s Chris Wallace Nails Martha McSally For Lying About Protecting Preexisting Conditions -VIDEO

Chris Wallace called her out for lying about protecting preexisting conditions. So McSally admitted that she was lying and told the truth about the Republicans’ plan to screw over people and leave them without protections. Just kidding! She doubled down on the lie and then attacked Wallace for calling her out.

Republicans all across the country are campaigning on a big lie. They are telling voters now that they will protect people with preexisting conditions. Meanwhile they have voted repeatedly to strip the protections for preexisting conditions which are guaranteed in Obamacare.

On Sunday Fox News’ Chris Wallace interviewed Republican Arizona Senate candidate Martha McSally. And it didn’t go well.

McSally has been lying about protecting people with preexisting conditions. And finally someone called her out for it.

“You voted for repeal and replace [of Obamacare] last year, which under its terms would have permitted states to allow insurance to be sold for people with preexisting conditions with higher premiums,” Wallace explained. “Do you acknowledge that protection for people with preexisting conditions was significantly weaker under repeal and replace than it was under Obamacare?”

McSally refused to answer the question and doubled down on her lie that she is “passionate about protecting people with preexisting conditions.”

“I voted to make sure they had that coverage,” she said. “This is the left all over the country, the lies that they’re perpetuating in order to play upon fear.”

“The reality is that Obamacare, right now, is not covering people with preexisting conditions,” McSally insisted. “We can’t go back to where we were in the past.”

“Congresswoman, let me just jump in here,” Wallace interrupted. “Because under repeal and replace — the bill that you voted for — if someone had a lapse in coverage of 63 days — and of course a lot of these cases of preexisting conditions are people that don’t have insurance and then want to buy it — if you had a lapse in coverage for 63 days, states could force those people, instead of buying it from an insurance company, to buy it from a risk pool. And that meant that the premiums would be higher.”

“That’s exactly the kind of thing that Obamacare tried to prevent,” Wallace added.

“This is a complex issue, we’re not going to solve it all here this morning,” the GOP candidate continued. “But we were trying to move away from the failure of Obamacare to something that provided more options at lower costs, while protecting people with preexisting conditions.”

“Again, this is just a lie,” McSally remarked, “[Democrats are] saying all over the country, playing on people’s fears. But I want the voters to know, I’m committed to protecting people with pre-existing conditions. I’m fighting for it. I fought for it. And I voted for it.”

She was flat out lying.


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