Rosie: We Should Say ‘Here’s Another Hate-Filled Rally, Full Of Lies, By A President Who Wasn’t Really Elected’ (VIDEO)

Rosie O’Donnell and Steve Schmidt have some very valuable advice for Democrats dealing with Donald Trump before the midterms.

On Thursday comedian Rosie O’Donnell made an appearance on MSNBC with Nicole Wallace. And she didn’t pull any punches when she went after Trump. Rosie has had a long history of being bullied and attacked by Donald Trump. So she understands how so many women who have also been attacked by him feel about this vile president.

Joining Rosie on the panel were former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson. And all three of them had a lot to say about Trump. They also had some powerful advice for Democrats on how to win elections in the era of Trump.

At the beginning of the clip Rosie says that a big part of the problem is the way that the media presents Trump. She used his rallies as an example. Rosie said that the media should start talking about Trump’s rallies by first saying, “Here’s another hate-filled rally, full of lies, by a president who wasn’t really elected.”

When Nicole Wallace asked the panel about the Democrats’ message for the next two weeks Steve Schmidt said, “There’s one question on the ballot. Does the country want to put a check on Donald Trump?”

He continued, “Do we want to put a check on Trumpism? Do we want to repudiate it? Or do we want to validate it? Because should the Republicans retain majority control in the House, should they retain control in the Senate, this president will not only be unchecked. He will be emboldened. And at the core, what he’s doing is stoking a cold civil war in this country between the American people. He is the first president in the history of the country who makes no pretense about being the leader of the American people. He’s the leader of a faction.”


Featured image via screengrab from YouTube video