Republican ‘Sleaze Merchants’ Are Smearing Khashoggi To Protect Trump (VIDEO)

This is unbelievably gross. Conservatives in Congress and on right-wing media have started to quietly smear murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in order to protect Donald Trump.

On Thursday the Washington Post reported that some conservatives have been peddling lies and smears against the murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. It is an attempt to ease the blowback that Donald Trump is getting for his bumbled handling of the situation with Saudi Arabia.

The Post says that a group of House Republicans who are loyal to Trump have been circulating articles from conservative sites that tie Khashoggi to the Muslim Brotherhood and Osama bin Laden.

One of the people pushing these lies is Trump’s son, Don Junior. Last week he retweeted an unsubstantiated claim that Khashoggi was a terrorist sympathizer.

Khashoggi was a journalist who was brutally murdered over two weeks ago after he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey to obtain a marriage license. He was tortured and butchered alive because the Saudi prince didn’t like him. And so far Trump has done nothing about it.

On Friday morning MSNBC’s Morning Joe talked about the “sleaze merchants” on Fox and in the Republican party who are now spreading lies about Khashoggi instead of holding the president accountable for his inaction.

After playing a clip of Fox hosts floating lies about Khashoggi, Joe Scarborough said, “If you look at what the sleaze merchants on Capitol Hill are doing, what the sleaze merchants on talk radio are doing. We’re not going to even mention their names because they’re so sleazy. They actually give sleazy a bad name.”

Scarborough continued, “They’re actually saying that he’s affiliated with Al-Qaeda because he was a reporter, like a lot of reporters, who reported on Osama bin Laden in the 80s and in the 90s.”

“It’s incredible. I guess if people want to ask how low the far-right sleaze merchants will go, this is a pretty good place to start,” he added.


Featured image via screengrab from video