GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz Floats Racist Conspiracy Theory And Gets Slammed

Gaetz tweeted out a racist conspiracy theory about George Soros paying immigrants in the caravan from Honduras. And then he got thrashed.

There is a caravan of around 4,000 Honduran migrants and refugees, many of them children, currently making their way toward the US/Mexico border. And it’s giving Donald Trump and the Republicans a bout of the vapors.

The caravan is made up of desperate people who are fleeing violence and instability. But according to Trump toady Matt Gaetz there is something way more sinister going on here.

On Wednesday night Gaetz tweeted out a video where a man appears to be handing out money to women in the caravan. Along with the video Gaetz posted a bizarre racist conspiracy theory saying that billionaire Democratic donor George Soros was actually paying the migrants to storm the border and disrupt the midterm elections.

Republicans love to blame Soros for absolutely everything. But this is ridiculous. And people were quick to go after Gaetz for posting the racist conspiracy theory.

Media executive and former CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien immediately condemned Gaetz and pointed out that the racism runs deep in the GOP.

Gaetz couldn’t let it go. On Thursday morning he clapped back.

And O’Brien was quick to respond.

O’Brien is talking about the controversy that Gaetz created when he invited far-right internet troll Chuck Johnson, known for denying the Holocaust, to Trump’s State of the Union speech. After the Anti-Defamation League sent him a letter of condemnation Gaetz pleaded ignorance saying that he didn’t know about Johnson’s views.

That was a lie.

A few months after the State of Union address Gaetz again found himself buddying up with Johnson.

Soledad O’Brien wasn’t the only one to slam Gaetz for his evidence-free, nativist fearmongering. Thousands of other people were quick to condemn him as well.

Featured image via screengrab from MSNBC on YouTube