Palin F*cks Up Royally With Instagram Meme, Shows How Racist She Is (IMAGES)

Social media companies have really been cracking down on their users who post content that falls outside the realm of common decency, or that violates their terms of service. This is a good thing; after all, these are private companies, not public forums, so the First Amendment does not apply here. The latest to fall on her own sword of ignorance and lack of decency? Sarah Palin, that’s who.

It all started when Palin posted an Instagram meme featuring her son Trig, who has Down’s Syndrome. This meme was not flattering, though. It essentially demeans those with the condition. Of course, people called Palin out on it. The meme showed super hero women at the top, and Palin’s son Trig crying in a store, apparently throwing a tantrum of some sort. The captions read:

“What protesters think we see,” and “What we really see.”

Here is a screen capture of it:

Now, of course, this looks really, really awful. It demeans people with disabilities – and her own son, no less! So, of course, Instagram removed the image. As if that weren’t bad enough, Palin’s insane reaction to the post’s removal was shockingly racist. Here is the post, in which she literally compares the post removal to lynching:


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CENSORSHIP is to sharing opinions as LYNCHING is to justice! Unbelievable. Instagram took down a post of my son Trig acting like a normal kid ~ which I am so proud he can do. My heart soars when Trig proves he’s a “normal” kid❣️I can’t even explain how it tickles our whole family. But the intolerant powers-that-be, sitting in a seat of judgement, think not? The nauseating, downright evil hypocrisy from their parent company, Facebook, continues ~ but only aimed at commonsense conservatives? When Obama was POTUS, he MOCKED children with Down Syndrome on late night tv, and nary a word of outrage from these same folks. But they’ll censor my post of my most favorite person in the world… Inexplicable. Unbelievable. And scary. Facebook continues to censor traffic flow to my website, too. Ummm, Zuckerberg, you were in Alaska recently.. did you not learn a thing about Mama Grizzlies when you visited?

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Granted, this comes as no surprise whatsoever to anyone who knows how Palin has been in the decade or so since she was thrust onto the national stage. We know she’s insensitive, a bully, and a bigot. No shocker there. But, what decent people everywhere should really want is for this politically irrelevant to go away.

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