WATCH: Alex Jones LOSES IT Over Social Media Ban, Goes On Most Insane Rant Yet

Alex Jones of Info Wars is a professional troll. There are a lot of internet trolls out there; this is nothing new. However, Jones is an especially dangerous brand of trollish conspiracy theorist. He is the man behind the theory that the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre were child actors who were never victims of anything. Their parents have been repeatedly harassed since the most tragic day of their lives in 2012. Since then, Jones has engaged in wildly abusive behavior online, with little to no consequences. However, all of that recently changed.

One by one, major social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, and others have banned Jones from their platforms for violating their policies against harassment, abuse, and hate speech. The only holdout was Twitter, but he went too far even for them recently, when he ranted at CNN reporter and streamed it live. Jones also went on and on about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, during a heated political time regarding hearings on Capitol Hill about supposed anti-conservative bias on the internet, and on social media platforms in particular.

Upon Jones’ permanent Twitter ban, the Twitter Safety account sent out the following tweet, explaining the decision to finally get Jones and his fellow trolls over at InfoWars off their platform:

Well, it seems that taking away his platform has turned Alex Jones into an even more batshit crazy excuse for a human being than he already was. He recently went on a wild public rant, in which he ran around flapping his arms and ranting about “Democrats,” “liberals,” “trolls,” and “free speech.” He even imitated a supposed liberal troll who is allegedly depriving him of his right to speak on social media.

What Alex Jones does not seem to understand, though is this: Twitter, Facebook, and the like are private companies. They can have whatever policies they like, and if a user repeatedly violates those policies, the platform can remove that user. Alex Jones and Info Wars have been abusing these platforms for a very long time, but they were given a lot of latitude due to their huge followings. But, they went too far this time, and it’s over. Then again, I don’t expect a nutball like Alex Jones to understand any of that.

Watch this nutty rant below, via Facebook:

Featured image via video screen capture