New Poll Out Of Florida Shows Racist GOP Candidate Is In Deep Sh**t

The far-left wing of the Democratic Party pulled off a huge upset in Florida’s gubernatorial primary. Instead of moderate, establishment candidate Gwen Graham being nominated to be the next Governor of Florida, the Democratic voters of the Sunshine State nominated Bernie Sanders- backed candidate Andrew Gillum. He happens to be the first Black candidate to be nominated by a major party to take the governorship.

Of course, on the other side of the aisle, Trump-backed candidate Ron DeSantis took the GOP nomination. He also took a page out of Trump’s playbook, and promptly blasted a racist bullhorn on Fox News, saying that the state of Florida and its voters better not, quote, “monkey this up” by electing Gillum. Now, anyone with any sense of history knows that calling Black people apes is a longtime racist trope, and DeSantis used that to dip into Trump’s racist playbook. Hey, he likely figured that if racism helped get Trump elected, it might help him, too. Regardless of the reason, bigotry should be a deal breaker for sensible voters. Clearly, that is not the case for the GOP base. However, it might be a deal breaker for Florida’s general electorate.

In the swingiest of swing states, early polls show, according to The Hill, Gillum leading Desantis  in the 743 person poll. Further, it is not just progressives who are supporting Gillum. He leads DeSantis by a whopping 34 points in the more moderate voting bloc.

In short, GOP – stop endorsing racist candidates. DeSantis is taking a page out of Trump’s playbook, and, right out of the gate in the general election, is positioning himself to secure the racist vote. That only worked for Trump because he secured the vote of people with economic fears in just the right states. Americans are, overwhelmingly, turned off by racism. Keep it up, DeSantis, and your progressive nightmare just might become a reality in the state of Florida. All you need to do is keep talking.

Watch Gillum respond to DeSantis below:

Featured image via video screen capture