Trump Fans Chant ‘Lock Her Up’ Just Hours After Manafort Trial And Cohen Faces Years In Prison

Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen surrendered himself to the FBI on Tuesday ahead of the court proceeding in which he agreed to a plea deal. Cohen could face up to 65 years in prison. In addition to that, Cohen threw his former client under the bus and said that Trump told him to pay off adult film star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Kathy McDougal. Cohen said that he and Trump paid the two women hush money “for the purpose of influencing the election.” Cohen’s stunning admission means that Trump was his co-conspirator in a crime.

At the same time that that news broke today, former campaign manager Paul Manafort was found guilty of eight criminal charges, including five tax fraud charges, two bank fraud charges, and one count of failing to register a foreign account. On the other ten charges, the judge declared a mistrial. For those crimes, Manafort, 69, could face 80 years in prison and that was only his first trial. What we’re saying here is, that he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. Manafort has another trial in September.

So naturally, amid all of the chaos, Trump held a rally in West Virginia on Tuesday and his supporters broke out chanting “Lock her up!” just hours after the current occupant of the White House was dealt major blows in federal courts in two cases involving people very close to him.


Trump also took a shot at NFL players who choose to kneel instead of stand during the National Anthem in protest of racial inequality and police abuse. Trump straight up lied, saying that U.S. Steel is opening “seven new plants when that just isn’t true. Trump said that the border wall “is coming along” and that, too, is a lie. He hasn’t received funding for it yet. And during the entire rally, his supporters cheered him on and even called for imprisoning his 2016 opponent, while everyone around the former reality show star is plagued with scandals.

Image via screen capture.