Top Republican Complains About Censorship After Forgetting How To Use Twitter

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has tweeted over 9,600 times since he opened a Twitter account in 2009 so he probably knows that there’s an area to adjust your ‘settings’ on the social site. On Friday, McCarthy took to Twitter to complain that conservatives are being censored and he even tagged Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to demand that he rectify the issue immediately and explain to Congress what is going on because he couldn’t see Laura Ingraham’s tweet. But, it wasn’t Twitter’s fault. It was McCarthy who had adjusted his settings to “Hide Sensitive Content” so it wasn’t the sneaky Deep State censoring conservatives on Twitter. For some reason, McCarthy kept the tweet up. “Another day, another example of conservatives being censored on social media,” the California Republican tweeted. “@jack easy fix: explain to Congress what is going on. #StopTheBias cc @IngrahamAngle”

Twitter users pointed out to McCarthy what he had done wrong but it doesn’t appear that he’s noticed.

Oh, and it’s not just McCarthy. Greta Van Susteren is having a hard time, too.

Well, bless their hearts.

Image: McCarthy via Flickr.