White House Staffers Are ‘Terrified’ Over Omarosa Releasing More Tapes

White House staffers are reportedly “terrified” over what might be revealed next by former aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman as she continues her book tour while releasing audio clips of her secretly recorded conversations with Donald Trump and staffers. “People are terrified,” a former Trump aide told Politico. “Absolutely terrified.” The outlet reports that Omarosa’s slow release of taped conversations “is having the same effect on staffers as the daily dumps from WikiLeaks had on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.”

Manigault-Newman’s latest audio clip was released just after former Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson appeared on Fox News and denied taking part in an October 2016 phone call with other top Trump campaign officials in which they strategized about how to spin a recording of Trump saying the N-word while on the set of The Apprentice, according to ThinkProgress.

The audio clip that was released just after Pierson’s denial, though, confirmed that staffers, including Pierson, were concerned about Trump’s use of the racial slur.

Former senior staffers also told Politico that they felt safer because Manigault-Newman was not included in small, high-level meetings. They further stated that they doubted that she had taped the broader senior staff meeting that she did attend, which, according to the outlet, included about 25 people.

“But if I was on the communications staff, where she was interacting more with people,” said another former senior Trump administration official, “I can see how people might be nervous.”

Manigault-Newman appeared on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ over the weekend in which she played a recording of Chief of Staff John Kelly firing her in the White House Situation Room in December, and accused the Trump campaign of trying to buy her silence. And then on Monday, she played another tape of a phone call with Trump, who seemed confused as to why she was fired.

While Manigault-Newman continued her media blitz promoting her tell-all book ‘Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,’ Trump fired back, by repeatedly attacking her on Twitter, calling her a “low life” and a “dog.”

Trump has called her “vicious, but not smart,” but even his favorite show, Fox & Friends, disagrees. Host Brian Kilmeade said on Wednesday that Manigault-Newman has “outsmarted” Trump by dragging him into a feud that will boost her book sales.

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