Trump Further Erodes American Democracy By Firing Another Official He Just Doesn’t Like

Donald Trump is the most corrupt “president” since Richard Nixon. Many would argue that he makes Nixon look like a Boy Scout. Of course, we all remember the explosive day of testimony in which it was revealed that FBI Agent Peter Strzok wrote many anti- Trump texts to another government official, Lisa Page, with whom he was having an illicit affair.

Granted, Strzok was wrong for cheating on his wife, and an FBI agent should not be engaging in exchanging disparaging text messages about someone he was investigating. However, given the volatile nature of Trump’s campaign, Strzok’s feelings are certainly understandable, and Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III did the right thing and immediately removed Agent Strzok from the investigation as soon as the texts were discovered. He went back to just being a field agent.

None of this was good enough for Donald Trump, though. In the circus that was Strzok’s Congressional testimony, in which Republican House Members did all they could to discredit him, Strzok held his ground, and, in the process, humiliated Trump. This is, of course, completely unacceptable to a malignant narcissist like Donald Trump. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Peter Strzok is now out of a job, and Trump is now gloating about it on Twitter:

Because of course he did. Nobody who has a bad word to say about Trump can remain in his government for long. They must be removed, smeared, and discredited.

Now, no one is saying that what Peter Strzok did was right. He exchanged disparaging texts about a then-presidential candidate that he was, unbeknownst to the nation, investigating at the time with another official with whom he was having less than honorable relations. That was wrong. But, he was removed from the situation, and it has been determined that Strzok’s personal views never influenced his professional conduct. Therefore, he should not have lost his FBI career over it.

Make no mistake, America – Peter Strzok is no longer an FBI agent for one reason: He dared to be a government official who dared to insult Donald Trump. That’s it. And that is the sort of thing that should happen in Russia or North Korea, not the United States of America.

We should all be very, very afraid.

Featured image via video screen capture