REPORT: Company Trump Claims He ‘Saved’ Is In Worse Shape Than Ever

Donald Trump likes to claim that he saved Carrier, which is a manufacturing plant in Indiana that makes parts for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. However, a new report suggests that Trump’s intervention did just the opposite.

According to Think Progress and the New York Times, Trump’s promise to save the plant – along with the 1,400 jobs it brought to Indianapolis – from being moved to Mexico due to “ongoing cost and pricing pressures” has not worked. While the plant is still open, the workers are feeling worse than ever about their financial futures. Trump, of course, took credit for the fact that the plant was still open, and claims it was due to some kind of $7 million dollar compromise to keep this vital part of Indianapolis’s economy running.

The thing is, though, Trump was lying, as usual. The 300 jobs that have remained were never going to be lost to the Mexico move in the first place, and 632 jobs were lost – just as Carrier had originally planned prior to Trump’s “deal” and false promises. Further, that $7 million? It’s going to be used to invest in automated technology. No workers will be paid with that cash, and no jobs will be saved or created. This claim comes from Greg Hayes, who heads up United Technologies, the company that owns and runs carrier.

To that end, the morale problem at Carrier is more than understandable. According to New York Times reporter Nelson D. Schwartz, Carrier’s issues can be summed up thusly:

“What’s ailing Carrier isn’t weak demand. Furnace sales are strong, and managers have increased overtime and even recalled 150 previously laid-off workers. Instead, employees share a looming sense that a factory shutdown is inevitable — that Carrier has merely postponed the closing until a more politically opportune moment.”

Nicole Hargrove, who works at the plant, says of the situation:

“People aren’t coming to work, which is sad because we really need these jobs. They had a chance to prove that staying was good, but this is ruining it for everybody. It’s killing us. It’s pushing us out the door that much sooner.”

Paul Roell, another Carrier employee, also describes an environment that approaches something like abuse, and says that more workers are burnt out and not even bothering to show up for their shifts at times. There is “mandatory overtime,” and there are times where people are working 60 hour weeks on demand.

In short, this company is going to wear its employees out – and then take their jobs anyway. So, Trump saved nothing. If anything, he emboldened the downfall of Carrier – and Indianapolis’s economy.

Featured image via screen capture