Trump’s Voter Suppression Czar Ousted From Kansas Primary; This Is HUGE

Kris Kobach, who is the Secretary of State in Kansas, loves voter suppression. The purpose of voter suppression is to keep people of color – specifically African-Americans – from voting. Why would a public official want to restrict access to the ballot box for certain American citizens you might ask? Well, because demographics are rapidly changing, and, with good reason, people of color don’t vote for Republicans.

Kobach is the one who ran Trump’s now-defunct voter suppression integrity commission, and it was clear what he was doing. He ginned up support for the false idea that there is massive voter fraud across America, and he pushed ever more strict voter suppression laws. However, Kobach’s reign of terror seems to be waning, as he has now recused himself from a recount in the GOP gubernatorial primary in a race that is still not settled. Kobach went on CNN and spoke to Chris Cuomo on that issue, saying:

“There’s really no point to doing it, because the secretary of State actually has no role in the counting of provisional ballots or any recount. But I said if my opponent wishes me to, I’d be happy to.”

Kobach himself is the current Kansas Secretary of State, of course, but he is also running for Governor. It is a clear conflict of interest, especially with his history of being an advocate of cheating in favor of the GOP by restricting ballot access for people unlikely to vote for Republicans. Therefore, this is a promising sign. Public pressure is working. Kobach is going up against another Republican, current Kansas Governor Jeff Coyler. He says of Coyler and the recount process:

“It’s purely symbolic. I don’t think [Colyer] understands the process.”

Coyler is a Republican, but much less extreme than Kobach, and much less openly in favor of racist voter suppression laws. Kobach wants to be in charge of voting, so that he can make sure fewer anti-GOP voters get to cast their votes.

If you care about democracy, this is a good sign. If you don’t, you’re devastated.

Featured image via Flickr/donkeyhotey