Loony Gun Nuts Refuse To Support GOPer For The Most Insane Reason Ever

Gun nuts are dangerous, and their latest fever dream is for people to be able to use 3-D printers to make real, live, lethal firearms at home. Well, even National Rifle Association – controlled Republicans think that this terrible idea is a bridge too far. In fact, one gun nut group wants printable, untraceable guns so much that they have pulled their endorsement of a Connecticut GOP candidate for daring to criticize this madness.

Susan Hatfield is a candidate to be Connecticut’s next Attorney General. She was also endorsed by a gun rights organization called the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL). After Hatfield showed a bit of common sense and came out against the ridiculous idea that citizens should be making their own guns at home, the CCDL said:

“While we still feel she would make a far better Attorney General than any of the other candidates in the race, we simply cannot endorse the recent comments she’s made.”

This insane statement comes on the heels of Hatfield saying the following:

“3D-printed firearms are not only unnecessary but will make our communities and state less safe.”

“Preventing 3D-printed firearms shouldn’t be a political issue and instead of politicians trying to divide us we should work together to find a way to stop criminals, gangs, and terrorist from getting the blueprints to print 3D-printed firearms.”

Sounds reasonable, right? Not to gun nuts. They want people to be making guns at home. Want more murder and death? Allow these gun rights’ groups threats of pulling funding and endorsements to force politicians to buy into the most insane of ideas.

It’s time to expose these folks for who and what they are. After all, we have enough mass murder in America as it is.

Featured image via Ken Wilcox via Flickr