A Trump Supporter Just Found Out His Democratic Son Is Running For Office And It Got Really Weird

Imagine connecting with your estranged father on Facebook only to find out that he’s a Trump supporting, homophobic, racist arsehole. As the only Democrat in my family, I can sympathize with Robert Van Kirk, a candidate for District 77 of the Michigan House of Representatives. Van Kirk, who is a gay Christian, found out what his father, Robert Passmore, thinks of him and it’s not good. Van Kirk told me that his father and mother fought for custody and said that Passmore was abusive to his wife. When Van Kirk was a child, he said, his father threatened to kill him if he “ever grew up to be a faggot.” Apparently, his father hasn’t changed because he wants to “beet (sic)” his son’s “ass” if he ever meets him.  Passmore writes that he hasn’t seen his “fagot” (sic) son since he was 5-years-old and we think that’s actually a very good thing.



He seems nice. I’m sure he’s fun at parties, too. Passmore is a great example of what a person shouldn’t be in life. For example, he shared a meme of Trayvon Martin, comparing his death to Marley Lion’s murder, a white 17-year-old who was killed during a robbery as he sat in his van outside of a local business. Passmore wonders why Lion’s murder wasn’t given media attention but Martin’s was. Well, that’s because Lion’s murderer was brought to justice while Martin’s killer was acquitted much to the delight of conservatives. Conservatives like Van Kirk’s father.

Passmore hates the media (a real shocker, huh?), black athletes who choose to silently protest against racial inequality and police abuse, undocumented immigrants, he’s an anti-vaxxer, and of course, as we mentioned, he hates gay individuals. Thankfully. Van Kirk escaped being raised by his father and went on in life to get a good education, and currently serves as Parliamentarian of the Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party as well as the Membership Director of the Young Democrats of Michigan. Van  Kirk’s list of endorsements is lengthy.

And now I’m going to donate to Van Kirk’s campaign in his father’s name just for funsies.



On an aside, I’m just wondering what Passmore means by wanting to ‘beet’ his son’s ass. It sounds like he wants to throw beets at Robert’s butt and that’s kind of weird, you guys.

Image via Crowdpac.