Sacha Baron Cohen Uses A Pedophile-Detecting Scanner On Roy Moore And It’s Hilarious

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen just had another deeply uncomfortable ‘Who is America?’ episode with the satirist, playing the part of Israeli anti-terrorism expert and Mossad agent Col. Erran Morad, scanning former Senate candidate Roy Moore with a pedophile detector. Moore’s interview concluded when he walked off the set after the fake detector kept beeping whenever Cohen scanned the failed Alabama Senate candidate. During Moore’s campaign in a special election to fill former U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions’ Alabama Senate seat, he was accused by multiple women of inappropriate sexual behavior and/or sexual assault when they were teenagers and he was in his thirties. Moore, who was endorsed by Donald Trump, lost to Democrat Doug Jones. Before the show aired, after realizing that Cohen had duped him to appear on the show, Moore was extremely upset and blamed “shadowy media groups.”

Towards the end of the interview with Moore, Morad showed off some “Israeli technology” that he said was used in schools which he claimed can detect pedophiles.

After taking out the scanning wand, Morad told Moore that “because neither of us are sex offenders” the device should not go off as he runs it over himself. But, during an uncomfortable moment, the machine beeps as the wand gets closer to Moore.

“It must be faulty,” Morad says. “It’s malfunctioning, I’m sure it will do the same on the other guy here.” The machine is then used on a member of the film crew, but it does not beep.

“Is this your jacket? Did you lend the jacket to someone else?” Morad asks Moore.

“I’ve been married for 33 years,” Moore says. “Never have I had an accusation of such things. If this is an instrument…certainly I am not a pedophile.”

Morad tells Moore that he’s not accusing him of being a pedophile.

“I am simply cutting this conversation right now, thank you. I support Israel, I don’t support this kind of stuff,” Moore says.

But again, the machine starts beeping as Moore stands up to shake Morad’s hand before he leaves the set.



By the way, Moore still hasn’t conceded the 2017 Senate race.

Image via screen capture.