Georgia Lawmaker Was So Offensive On Sacha Baron Cohen’s Show Even Republicans Want Him To Resign

A Georgia lawmaker is facing calls to resign even from members of his own party after footage of him yelling racial slurs and exposing himself aired on Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show Sunday night. And Cohen hasn’t aired his show with Roy Moore yet. Cohen somehow convinced Rep. Jason Spencer (R) to scream the ‘N’ word repeatedly, then asked him to pretend to be a Chinese tourist and got him to bare his butt and chase him while screaming “I’ll touch you. I’ll make you a homosexual. Drop that gun! USA, Motherf—er!” It’s almost funny until you remember that this man is an elected official and the segment is not scripted.

As if that wasn’t enough, Spencer also gave an offensive impression of a “Chinese tourist” in the episode and is seen stabbing a knife into a mannequin wearing a hijab.


And this:

The spectacle was so offensive that Georgia House Speaker David Ralston (R), and others, demanded Spencer’s resignation.

“The actions and language used on this video are reprehensible,” Ralston said. “Representative Spencer has disgraced himself and should resign immediately. Georgia is better than this.”

Secretary of State Brian Kemp removed Spencer from his list of endorsements ahead of Tuesday’s GOP runoff for governor and encouraged him to apologize, according to the Atlanta Journal Consitution. Kemp, by the way, is the candidate who aimed a gun at a teenager in his campaign ad. Gov. Nathan Deal (R) called his language “appalling and offensive.”

“There is no excuse for this type of behavior, ever, and I am saddened and disgusted by it,” Deal said.

Spencer had threatened legal action against Showtime in order to prevent the network from airing the episode.

“They exploited my state of mind for profit and notoriety,” Spencer said last week. “This media company’s deceptive and fraudulent behavior is exactly why President Donald Trump was elected.”

CBS46 notes that this isn’t Spencer’s first time making offensive remarks. Just last summer, he threatened physical violence against anyone who considered removing Confederate monuments from state grounds. So, there were already signs that Spencer is racist AF.

He deleted those comments but after last night’This episode, Spencer set his Facebook page to private.

Last week on Cohen’s show, it featured Republican lawmakers saying that they want to arm toddlers.

Image via screen capture.