Trump Toady To CNN: Say What We Want And We’ll Give You An Interview (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is the most scandal-ridden “president” in modern history. From porn stars to what appears to be his collusion with a foreign power, to the daily lies and cruel policies coming out of his administration, there’s nothing good the press can say about him. After all, their job is to report facts, not the fictional picture of success that the narcissistic Trump wants to come out of his administration and the press. Therefore it should come as no surprise that Trump’s friend, NewsMax CEO Chris Ruddy went on CNN to explain that Trump will only make himself and his aides and officials available to the network if they stay away from the scandals and stick to the good stuff.

On Sunday, CNN’s Brian Stelter said the following to Ruddy:

“I’m glad you’re here, Chris, and I hope you’ll suggest to the president to make more trump aides available.”

Ruddy replied:

“Next week, could we do a program about all of the president’s economic successes? Can we do that?”

So,  in other words, Trump’s sycophants want CNN to turn into another Fox News or the cable news network version of right-wing talk radio. But wait – it gets better. Stelter first reminded Ruddy that he is on a limited time frame, but Ruddy plowed on:

“If I could get [White House economic adviser] Larry Kudlow to come on, would you be open to it?”

Stelter cordially replied:

“I’m sure many people at CNN would love to interview Larry.”

But then Ruddy dropped the real bombshell regarding what it would take for CNN to land a Trump interview:

“Maybe the president will come on if you just talk about his economic successes.”

So, in other words, Chris Ruddy, and everyone else in Trump World wants propaganda, not news. This is dangerous as hell. Not only is Trump himself lying to the American people daily, but so are his administration and his television minions.

Sorry, Mr. Ruddy. We already have one version of state-run television in Fox News. While CNN is far from perfect, at least they don’t deliberately lie and feed propaganda to the American public.

Watch this appalling exchange below:

Featured image via video screen capture