Fox News Just Reported Accurately On Trump’s Russia Scandal And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Donald Trump cast doubt on U.S. intelligence agencies in front of the world while standing alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin during their joint news conference in Helsinki. Since then, he’s done an about-face, then he Helsinkied us again, saying that Russia is not targeting U.S. elections (they are). On Twitter, as news broke that Trump was briefed about Russia meddling in the 2016 election two weeks before his Inauguration, the former reality show star has been trying to claim that he has acknowledged that the hostile foreign power interfered ‘many times,’ but that’s not true. When he has acknowledged it, it’s always with a caveat. Trump knew and he did nothing about it, except to attack any media reports about the interference as ‘fake news.’

Fox News reported on the revelation that Trump was told before he took the oath of office that Putin personally ordered cyber attacks in order to sway the election. The beginning of this clip is nonsense, as usual, but they do get into the report.


That left Twitter users stunned because Fox News, which acts as Trump’s binky, rarely reports on the scandals plaguing their president*.

Naturally, there are Trump supporters trying to blame former President Barack Obama for Trump doing nothing about the attack on our election, even though the so-called president* responded to sanctions on Russia imposed by his predecessor by saying it’s time to “move on.” That Trump is a real man of action, huh?

For all of the Trump supporters blaming Obama for doing nothing, they should shift the blame to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell because he prevented Obama from calling out the Russians. Of course, those same Trump supporters are probably still holding Obama’s tan suit scandal against him. A Republican lawmaker said that Obama’s tan suit put our national security at risk. Lou Dobbs called it “shocking” then claimed someone told him to wear it because of his “low poll numbers.” For reals.

Image via screen capture.