Feds: Russian Agent Was A Sexpot For Political Hire

Sex sells. We all know. It is a deeply ingrained part of our culture. Well, thanks to one Russian living in American by the name of Maria Butina, it is now selling in the political realm in a deeply harmful way. Maria Butina is a beautiful redheaded Russian, and she got her hooks into a man much older than she is, with the express purpose of using him to advance the political agenda of the Russian government according to the federal government.

On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered Butina, who had been arrested on accusations of being a Russian agent working against the American government, held without bail due to credible allegations that she would be a flight risk who would take what she had learned while living in America and working the political circuit back to the Kremlin. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Butina did the following in an intelligence operation that spanned years:

“The defendant’s covert influence campaign involved substantial planning, international coordination and preparation. The plan for Butina also required, and she demonstrated, a willingness to use deceit in a visa application to move to the United States and bring the plan to fruition.”

As a part of this political campaign, the feds say that Butina seduced, and eventually moved in with, politically provocative operative Paul Erickson, a 56-year-old man from South Dakota. The agent herself is only twenty-nine. Butina is also accused of offering sex to someone in a special interest group in exchange for an influential job, with the intention of sending information back to the Kremlin. She has also been doing ads for the GOP-linked National Rifle Association, and has been seen in pictures with prominent Republicans such as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Walker, of course, has brushed the Butina photo aside, saying:

“As we go to events, we meet people, they introduce themselves, often they ask for a picture.”

In short, either GOP politicians, operatives, and special interest types are either incredibly stupid, or they are willingly selling the United States of America out to Russia. Pick your poison – it doesn’t matter, either choice is dangerous as hell.

Featured image via Hamza Bashir Amad/Flickr