Texas Republican Defies Trump, Calls For His Impeachment

Most of us have been wondering, especially following Donald Trump’s disastrous trip to Helsinki, what line in the sand could the former reality show star cross before finally, a Republican says ‘enough.’ A Dallas Republican did just that and called for Trump’s impeachment in a scathing editorial. State Rep. Jason Villalba referred to Trump as a “charlatan” and went on to describe his supporters as  “sordid, ugly, Trumpists who require anger and vitriol.” Villalba wrote that Ronald Reagan instilled the principles that have guided his life. He ripped into Trump for increasing the national debt by over $1 trillion. “The fastest any president in U.S. history has accrued that level of debt,” he said.

He noted that Trump has “mocked and belittled our immigration laws, our intelligence agencies, our foreign policy strategy and even the American people. We have been called “stupid,” “weak,” “a joke” and “pathetic,” all by our own president.”

Via the Texas Tribune:

But verily I say unto you today, if we do not stop this man now, today, over 500 days into his presidency, we will be equally culpable in what he has planned for our great nation. President Trump thinks you are a fool. He believes you will never abandon him. And he believes that there is almost nothing that he can do that would cause you to abandon supporting him.

We’re sure this won’t wake up 45’s cult members, but Villalba continued to say, “Today is the day we take back our America. Today is the day we say “NO” to anyone who revels in abusing those weaker than them for political points.”

The Texas lawmaker called for fighting for American values, such as “truth, justice, peace, civility, comity and righteousness.”

“This is who we are. Not the sordid, ugly, Trumpists who require anger and vitriol,” he continued. “This is who we are — not the contorted caricature that the alt-right has created of us.”

“Donald J. Trump is no longer our leader,” he concluded. “It is time to push him into the ash bin of history.”

“Today, I ask you to impeach Trump.”

Trump loyalists will dismiss this call for impeachment as rhetoric from a Never Trumper, but what they need to ask themselves is if they are more loyal to the country or the president?

Image via screen capture.