Even Fox Turns On Trump For His Appalling #TreasonSummit Performance

The entire free world is up in arms because of Donald Trump’s behavior at his #TreasonSummit with Russia’s autocratic president Vladimir Putin, and rightfully so. Intelligence professionals, lawmakers of many political stripes, and, of course, television pundits and politicos of all kinds are rightfully calling Trump a treasonous Russian stooge who needs to be impeached because he has put the American republic and the world in grave peril. Trump’s toadying up to Vladimir Putin has been so appalling that even his favorite propaganda arm of state television, Fox News, blasted Trump’s disgraceful and dangerous performance in Finland.

Fox host Bret Bair responded to mockery of his attempts to rationalize the whole thing with the following tweet:

Another Fox host, Brit Hume, had his own brand of criticism to mount:

But it was Fox’s Neil Cavuto who really took the cake, ripping into the puppet of Putin with great fire, calling the performance “disgusting” on live television:

Now, of course the criticism is nothing compared to what Trump deserves, but it is nothing short of stunning for Fox, who will defend anything Trump does, no matter how outrageous. They defend his misogyny, his racism, his lies, his dangerously incoherent excuses for “policy,” his embarrassing behavior on the world stage. But, this disgraceful “summit” was too far – even for Fox.

Now, the question that must be asked is this: What will the Congressional Republicans do? Likely nothing. Only those who are retiring, and the usual critics, will make a peep. The others will excuse it, or simply ignore reporters, and ignore the peril the nation and the world are in because of Trump.

Impeach him, you unpatriotic freaks, before he gets us all killed.

Featured image via video screen capture