NY AG Exposes Betsy DeVos’s Latest Attack On Student Borrowers; This Is Disgraceful

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is no friend to students. She is busily rolling back Title IX protections, refusing to protect transgender students from discrimination, and is busily dismantling the public school system right under our noses, all while propping up and protecting fraudulent for profit “colleges” that harm students – Trump University anyone? No wonder the Trump Administration hired her.

Now, however, DeVos has another target: broke college students who borrowed money to finance their educations. Quietly, DeVos’s Department of Education has decided to sever ties with law enforcement entities that are tasked with keeping predatory loan companies from defrauding vulnerable students. They did it right under the public’s nose, too. However, the New York State Attorney General, Barbara Underwood, is blowing the whistle on this latest outrageous move. She, along with twenty other Attorneys General have called upon DeVos and her Department to cease and desist with this severing of ties immediately.

Now, this is just the latest in the Trump Administration’s attack on the most vulnerable among us. This is very dangerous, though, in ways we have not seen in decades, with people conning desperate students into predatory loans unchecked. This is terrible for the economy, and could likely put students who are not financially savvy into so much debt that they never get out, ruining their lives before they even get started.

Then again, this is why billionaires don’t make good cabinet secretaries, especially in departments designed to protect the vulnerable.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images