Kellyanne Conway Threatens To Perform ‘Abortion’ On Women ‘With A Gun’

Trump propagandist Kellyanne Conway says a lot of dumb things — but did you know she once threatened to perform unwanted abortions on feminists? Sure, these guys may think abortion is evil (unless one of them is begging his mistress to have one). But Conway decided to show the world the true meaning of “pro-life” by rolling the violation of women’s bodies, gun violence, and general douchebaggery into a single threat.

In a recently-resurfaced 2007 video of a speech aired on C-SPAN, Conway threatens to perform abortions on feminists “with a gun.”

“I always love to say to those gender studies people, if you say abortion, or stem cells, or guns one more time I’m going to perform one of those on you with a gun because you, by implication, are suggesting women can’t do the math,” Conway says.

Lately, conservatives have been whining that liberals aren’t civil enough and don’t respect their calls for the outright murder of anyone they don’t like. But they are strangely silent every time one of these videos showing them being more horrible than those they attack surfaces.

Kellyanne Conway is a trash human being, but the Right will continue to support her because she caters to their hatred of all that is decent. Simply put, she’s exactly the sort of “deplorable” alleged human they adore.