Illinois GOP Runs Candidate So Awful Even Ted Cruz Says He Shouldn’t Win (TWEET/VIDEO)

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is easily one of the most conservative assholes currently sitting in the United States Senate. He is also one of the least liked – even by people on his own side of the aisle. Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) once said that Cruz is, quote, “Lucifer in the flesh.” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) once joked that if Cruz were murdered, no one in the Senate would convict the killer. However, despite all of this, even Cruz seems to have a line when it comes to horribleness. Case in point – his tweet about the Congressional candidate running on the ballot as the GOP nominee for Illinois’s Third District.

Arthur Jones, who is an open and committed Nazi, is running for Congress. That was a step too far even for the ultra-bigoted Cruz. He tweeted, once it was clear that Jones would be the nominee, and that the Illinois Republican Party had missed every deadline to stop Jones’s candidacy:

Now, it could be argued that Cruz is just doing what is politically expedient for his party. After all, the GOP is currently, more than ever before, battling accusations that they are the party of white supremacy (spoiler: they are). There are more white supremacists than ever running for office, and most of them are doing so under the Republican label, just like Arthur Jones. In fact, NBC News did a whole segment on this disturbing phenomenon:

Then there is, of course, the fact that Donald Trump is squatting in the Oval Office. This is a man who has been an unabashed, lifelong racist, and started his political career by waging a racist campaign against the first Black president. So, yeah, the GOP is pretty racist, and people see that. So, Cruz is probably just doing damage control.

Despite all of that, though, we all have to admit – it’s pretty extraordinary for the likes of someone like Ted Cruz to actually suggest that people vote for a Democrat. Will wonders never cease in the era of Trump.

Featured image via video screen capture