Violent Trump Supporter Calls C-Span, Suggests Arson For Restaurant That Banned Sarah Sanders

Many Trump supporters have shown themselves to prone to violence. After all, no one can forget the infamous videos from the 2016 campaign where they routinely beat up peaceful protesters – often with Donald Trump himself egging them on. Well, now that we are well into this disgraceful “administration,” these people are showing that they are willing to direct their violence at anyone who dares to stand up to the authoritarianism coming out of the White House. Case in point – a C-Span called who actually suggested that Red Hen, the restaurant that kicked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders out, should be burned down.

On Monday, during C-Span’s Washington Journal program, host Pedro Echevarria was very interested to have his listeners weigh in on how private businesses are standing up to members of the Trump Administration – specifically the Red Hen incident. One caller, a gentleman named Frank, said:

“Ms. Sanders should be very happy that she was asked to leave, because some fool in the kitchen would have probably spit in her food.”

Echevarria pressed Frank, though, asking:

“What did you think about her being asked to leave in the first place?”

Frank answered:

“Like I said, I think she should be happy. You’ve got stupid garden implements like the woman that owns [the Red Hen] and like [California Democratic Congresswoman] Maxine Waters. It’s crazy that people like that are ever put in any kind of authority.”

Then, Frank became positively violent:

“Please keep us informed on what happens to that restaurant in case somebody decides to burn it down for her.”

This is a clear suggestion of violence, all because this woman exercised her right to serve – or not serve – whomever she pleases. Further, we’ve seen the result of such suggestions in the past, such as the man who believed the “pizzagate” conspiracy theory and took up arms to go and try and shoot up a Washington, D.C. pizza parlor – all because of something he read online.

All I can say is that I hope that the feds have tabs on this gentleman – and if something happens at Red Hen, the authorities should pay him a visit.

Watch the video below:

Featured image via video screen capture