WATCH: John Oliver Gives The BRUTAL Truth About Trump’s Cruel Immigration Policy

John Oliver, host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, has just about had it with Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller, and all of the other monsters in this travesty of an administration who are deliberately separating children from their parents at the southern border, and then lying about it.

Of course, Trump has been blaming Democrats. Jeff Sessions and Sarah Huckabee Sanders invoked the Bible to defend this inhumanity. Well, Oliver exposed it all on Sunday night’s edition of his show. He began:

“That’s right: Thousands of children have been forcibly taken from their parents after a policy shift was put into action last month by U.S. attorney general—and least fun thing to find in a Kinder egg—Jeff Sessions. Sessions basically started a policy of incarcerating people who crossed the border illegally knowing full well that that incarceration would mean they were separated from their children—many of whom are less than 10 years old with no clear plan as to when they might be reunited.”

Oliver was just getting started there, though. He then went on to call out Trump’s lies as the orange one repeatedly tells reporters that this cruelty is the fault of Democrats. Oliver continued:

“Democrats did not give them these laws, because—and I cannot stress this enough—there is no law that suddenly required separating parents from their children. This is a result of a deliberate policy choice by Jeff Sessions.”

Oliver is correct, and Trump is, as usual, a liar. Of course, we all know this, but it’s too bad his brainwashed base of supporters will never believe it.

Watch the entire segment below:

Featured image via video screen capture