Dumbass Trump Fan Storms Stage At Robert De Niro Broadway Show

One of Donald Trump’s “very fine people” decided to wage war on Robert De Niro on Saturday in protest of the actor’s very appropriate “F*ck Trump” message.

The actor earned a standing ovation at the Tony Awards earlier this month when he yelled “F*ck Trump” on stage earlier this month. But naturally, the inbreds, Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists, ignorant crackers, morons, and incest enthusiasts who comprise The Donald’s base have been whining about it ever since.

Saturday, one of them decided to storm the stage at the Longacre Theatre in New York in opposition of De Niro’s opposition of their Fuhrer, who has now forcibly separated more than 2,000 kids from their parents at the border and shoved them into cages. Apparently, to this Trump fan, that’s all part of “keeping America great.”

keep america great

The man didn’t do it at the start of the show or even in the middle. He obviously enjoyed the performance, as he waited until he got his money’s worth and the play was over to unfurl his Trump 2020 flag and march on the stage. The flag also read “keep America great” — a strange message where a guy who has tried numerous times to ban all Muslims from entering the country and who has kidnapped more girls (even handing many of them off to human traffickers) than Boko Haram, is concerned.

The idiot Trump supporter was escorted out shortly after unfurling what can reasonably be considered the modern equivalent of a Swastika.

Trump recently attacked De Niro in a series of badly-spelled tweets intended to encourage his supporters to go on the offensive:

We can expect to see more incidents like this as we approach the election — and as Robert Mueller’s investigation closes in. We’re just lucky that this Trump fan didn’t resort to violence.