Ex-Staffer For Imprisoned Migrant Kids Describes Facility; This Will Make You SICK

By now, the entire nation and world are openly outraged by the Trump Administration’s inhumane and cruel policy of ripping migrant children from their parents’ arms and then tossing them into detention centers. However, until recently, the American public knew very little about the actual conditions in which these children were being held. Well, after a few news reports, and attempts to break down the wall of secrecy the Trump Administration has put up around this situation, we’re finally getting the real story, and it is just sickening. One such account come from a staffer who, until recently, was a caretaker in a Tuscon, Arizona detention children for migrant children.

Antar Davidson recently quit the facility where he worked because he could not stomach participating in this moral atrocity any longer. He then went on MSNBC’s All in with Chris Hayes to tell his story. Davidson said of the facility he worked in:

“These kids were ripped from their parents and did not understand what was going on. The case that really broke the camel’s back for me, was the Brazilian kids. There was no one speaking to them in Portuguese. So they hardly even understood and they didn’t — nothing was ever explained to them well either.”

As if that weren’t bad enough, Davidson continued, when the host inquired as to whether the really small children were being cared for:

“Not at all. We received one week of training, and now these kids are extremely traumatized. Workers put them to bed at the end of the shift that ends at 9:30 p.m. As much as the children are suffering, the workers are suffering. They’re kept in temporary positions and meanwhile, the CEO and his wife clear more than a million dollars a year in mostly federal tax money and undercut the services we need.”

This is a humanitarian crisis that is being perpetuated by the United States government. Every single American should be outraged that this is being done in our names, with our tax dollars. We should all be calling our elected representatives and telling them to put a stop to this cruelty.

America is turning into a third world dictatorship before our very eyes, and the Republicans just roll right along with it. They really are the party of fascist cruelty.

Watch the interview below:

Featured image via video screen capture