Hillary Clinton Just Threw SO Much Shade At James Comey After DOJ Watchdog Report

You know that saying people throw around whenever Trump does something that no reasonable person could possibly forgive like rip breastfeeding immigrant children from their mothers or plan to build concentration camps for kids? Yeah — “but her emails” — that’s the one.

Well, Hillary Clinton just had a perfect opportunity to toss that around after a DOJ watchdog report was released showing that not only did the FBI not target Trump illegally but that the bogus investigation into her emails — and James Comey’s letter to Republicans just before the election — actually hurt Clinton. In fact, it seems that while the FBI was playing along with Republicans, James Comey was doing exactly what they were investigating her for.

What report? Oh — this one:

2016 Election Final Report 06-14-18 by Anonymous FBZLGr on Scribd

The Inspector General criticized Comey for fueling false speculation that Clinton would be indicted just before the election — something that is commonly blamed by Republicans and Democrats alike for costing her the presidency. The report also revealed that Comey, who was overseeing the sham investigation into Clinton’s use of private email for government business, used personal email for government business. In fact, he didn’t even bother with a private email server. He used Gmail, which is very easily hacked.

Naturally, Ms. Clinton seized upon the opportunity to have some fun with this:

Clinton’s IT mishaps (and a broken and outdated electoral system that was set up to protect slavery) may have prevented her from being elected, but she still managed to win the popular vote by the largest margin in history.

It’s going to be interested to watch Trump try to spin this very damaging news in the coming days — but you can bet your ass he and his allies will make this all about her and this tweet.