Black Woman Chases Down Racist Teen Who Called Her A N****r

Normally, we see racists wearing Confederate flag jackets acting like jackasses without facing repercussions, but thanks to a woman who goes by “Ayo Henry” on Facebook we finally get to see one of them get his comeuppance.

Henry was driving when she spotted one of Trump’s “very fine people” — a teen wearing a Confederate flag jacket — who had previously called her a “n*gger.”

“Hey you little sh*t!” she yells out her car window. “Remember that time you called me a n*gger? Remember that?”

Like all racists when confronted with their actions, the teen fled, pedaling his bike as fast as he could. But the woman hopped out of her car and chased him the f*ck down behind an apartment building.

“Run, Forrest, run!” she yelled. “Run you little white supremacist piece of sh*t! The n*gger’s gonna get ya!”

Who’s your mother?” she asked the teen when she caught him. Eventually, he fauxpologized for hurling the slur at her, explaining that he was in a “bad mood” that day and blaming his actions on “hanging out with the wrong people.”

“It still looks like you’re hanging with the wrong people,” she replies, apparently referencing his Confederate Flag gear. “We’re all people. You understand that right? “I’m a mother, so you better take this as a lesson.”

“I don’t know whose kid you are, but you need to come correct,” she tells the teen, who stares at the ground.

As part of Facebook’s mission to protect “white men,” the video was flagged and removed for “violating community hate speech standards. ”

Henry reposted the video on YouTube. You can watch it below: