Racist Florida Cop Loses Job After Black Man Records ‘N****r’ Rant (VIDEO)

A white Florida cop was forced to resign after he was recorded calling a black man a n*gger.

The dispute arose from a criminal complaint. Levonte Daniels says a pizza delivery driver tried to hit him with his car. The driver, who was white, says differently. Daniels says that after the attempted hit-and-run, he struck the vehicle with a fire extinguisher. The pizza delivery driver agrees on that part of the story. Unfortunately, Daniels says that the white camaraderie between the driver and cop caused rookie St. Petersburg police officer Officer Michael Naples to believe the white driver automatically.

Naples issued a notice of referral to Daniels, who had called 911 (but not the driver), for criminal mischief. Daniels says he wanted his side of the story on record, but the officer refused. Instead, he called Daniels a “n*gger” as he was leaving.

Daniels recorded the cop calling him a “piece of sh*t n*gger,” which he says “really hurt” because he trusted law enforcement to handle his complaint professionally.

“It’s not the first time I’ve been called that word,” Daniels told Bay News 9. “So it didn’t hurt because I was called that word, it hurt because that was a police officer.”

Naples, a probationary officer sworn in last July, met with department supervisors and was given two options: resign or be fired. He chose the former.

“We hold our officers to the highest professional standard,” said Chief of Police Anthony Holloway. “The use of profanity and racial slurs is not tolerated under any circumstances.”

This sort of thing is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in Trump’s America where racists feel empowered. Currently, there are more white nationalists than ever running for public office. Many are finding success on the Republican ticket. Others are getting jobs where they have the power to dehumanize (and worse) black Americans and others they irrationally hate.

The first step toward dealing with this pervasive problem is voting in November. Get out there.

Watch a report on this racist attack below: