Trump Administration Official Gets Trashed Over Old Tweet About North Korea And Obama

Donald Trump left Singapore where he fawned over North Korea’s brutal dictator, Kim Jong-un, shook his hand, and shared a “very special bond.”  That, of course, took place after the former reality show star lashed out at our ally up North. Indeed,  Trump is saving us from Canada while running into Kim Jong-un’s arms. It was quite the spectacle. And just as Trump’s tweets don’t age well, neither does Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp’s, apparently. In March of 2016, Schlapp criticized former President Barack Obama for shaking hands with Cuban President Raul Castro, then wondered if he’ll shake ‘Kim Un Jung’s’ [sic] next. And because Twitter is Twitter, that tweet came back at her fast AF because it was Trump, not Obama, who shook Kim’s hand today.

And, although we’ve had issues with Cuba, they never threatened to nuke our country. Obama’s historic trip was a crowning moment in his and Castro’s effort to restore normal relations between Cuba and the U.S.

Schlapp’s tweet didn’t go down well.

Little Rocket Man and the Dotard signed a document that basically says they will have some more discussions. Meanwhile, Trump just legitimized a murderous dictator.

Image via screen capture.