French President HUMILIATED Trump With White-Knuckle Handshake That Left A Mark

Trump once again humiliated the United States when he showed up late to the G7 Summit, threatened our allies, and told the world that Russia should be allowed to rejoin. But the world noticed a particularly humiliating moment for The Donald — and it involves his tiny, child-like hands.

Trump is famous for his ridiculous arm-jerking handshake, but his “power move” was ‘trumped’ by French President Emanuel Macron, who shook The Donald’s hand so hard it left a mark.

During their encounter, a reporter asked the two “who would win in an arm wrestling competition.” The man and baby shook hands multiple times, and one photographer grabbed a photo of the white thumb mark Macron left on Trump’s hand.

This isn’t the first time Macron has embarrassed Trump.

Last year, Macron humiliated The Donald when he swerved to avoid Trump and instead hug The Donald’s professed enemy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Our President* is a joke. The world is laughing at us. Republicans are doing nothing despite his former campaign manager’s indictment for witness tampering (just one of many indictments and guilty pleas that have arisen from the FAILED RUSSIA WITCH HUNT FAKEY FAKE NEWS or whatever Trump wants to call it this week).

All the while, Trump continues to destroy our country’s standing in the world while propping up his Russian masters.

It’s time for change. Unfortunately, we won’t get it unless Democrats break with tradition and actually show up at the polls for a midterm election.