Look At This Hilariously Disturbing Video Of Pence Mimicking His Almighty King Trump

Mike Pence has spent his entire public life crusading against all things he finds to be unholy and moralizing on the lives of others. He hates women who have abortions, hates LGBTQ people, hates everyone who doesn’t subscribe to his personal, twisted version of Christian “morality.” Therefore, one would think that a man like Pence would not exactly be one to follow in the footsteps of Donald “I moved on her like a bitch” Trump, right? Wrong.

Despite Trump’s many moral failings, despite his lifetime of engaging in behavior Pence previously would have found to be appallingly abhorrent and amoral, Pence is following Trump around these days, praising him effusively, and, yes, even mimicking him. I mean that literally, by the way.

On Wednesday, Trump and Pence were in a meeting, with Trump at the head of the table, and Pence sitting dutifully at Trump’s left elbow. Then, something that was just downright bizarre happened. For whatever reason, Trump put his bottle of water on the floor next to him. Pence immediately did the same.

Nobody knows why this happened, or why Pence is literally copying Trump’s every move. Could it be that Trump’s ego requires that his right hand man do so in public? Is his narcissistic mind so fragile these days that he cannot stand for Pence to have his own mind, even in the most mundane of matters, like where a water bottle should sit?

All I know is that this is a disturbing psychological development between these two people who are the number one and number two most powerful men in the world. We already knew that Trump was a crazy, unstable malignant narcissist, and that Pence was a fervent religious nut. This copycat development is new, though, and who knows what it really reveals about their relationship. All I know is that as you laugh at this bizarre video, you should also be quite afraid.

Watch below:

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images