Mueller Nails Manafort In More Shady Dealings, Motions To Send Him To Jail

Indicted former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort might be going to jail a lot sooner than he thought – immediately, to be exact. Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller has accused Manafort of witness tampering in his own case, specifically in the form of attempting to contact witnesses in his own case and get them to lie under oath to save his ass. As a result, Mueller’s team has filed a motion in order to get Manafort sent straight to jail for violating the terms of his $10 million bond release on indictments that include high felonies such as bank fraud, failure to disclose his work with foreign governments, and other white collar financial felonies.

According to Team Mueller’s motion, Manfort  “repeatedly contacted” two people, known only as Person D1 and Person D2 in an effort to secure favorable testimony (read: lies) from them in court. Now remember – witness tampering is, in and of itself, a felony. Therefore, this motion to immediately remand Manafort to jail will just get him away from any avenues he might have to try to continue his shady work on his own behalf. However, it could also mean that there are more charges coming with regards to this new found criminal activity.

Thus far, Manafort has plead not guilty to all charges, and does not seem to have flipped on Trump. That likely will not last long, though, because there is a high possibility that unless he strikes a deal with Team Mueller, Manafort could spend the rest of his life in federal prison. Further, it doesn’t look like Trump has any intention of pardoning Manafort. If he were considering such an act, he’d have at least alluded to it by now, since he’s handing out pardons to right-wing criminals like people hand out candy to kids on Halloween.

If Manafort knows what is good for him, he’ll sing like a canary, and he’ll have plenty of time to think of what to say, seeing as he is likely about to be awaiting his trials – one in Virginia in July and another in Washington, DC in September – in the clink instead of at his posh, comfortable home.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Featured image via video screen capture