Melania Trump’s Friends Say They Haven’t Heard From Her In Weeks And Her Cell Phone Is Turned Off

Melania Trump will not be attending the G7 Summit this week or the North Korea Singapore Summit on June 12 with her husband, according to the First Lady’s Communications Director Stephanie Grisham. Melania did attend last year’s G7 Summit in Italy. Mrs. Trump allegedly had an embolization procedure, often a treatment for a benign tumor, on May 14th at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland — and she stayed there for nearly a week, even though the procedure would usually only require an overnight stay.

Mrs. Trump has not been seen publicly for 24 days now and even her close friends haven’t heard from her and her cell phone has been turned off.

“Melania’s friends outside of the White house are genuinely starting to worry about her,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Nobody has heard from Melania over these past few weeks, and her cell phone has been switched off. Whenever any friends inquire as to where she is, or how she is, we’re just told that she’s ‘fine’ and that she’s ‘recovering’ but that really doesn’t make any sense.”

The source said that a tweet sent from Melania’s official @FLOTUS account this week has not made them feel more comfortable about her well being. The tweet, which appears to be from Donald, claimed that the “media is working overtime,” a phrase that her husband has used frequently.

“Nobody believes that Melania wrote that last tweet, everybody thinks that was written by Donald [Trump], because it didn’t read in the way that Melania writes,” the source said. “To have radio silence for this long is just strange, something is going on, but nobody knows what, it’s definitely concerning.”

Melania did not accompany her husband to Camp David last Friday.

Eamon Javers, a White House correspondent with CNBC, claims that he saw Melania, but the story is kind of interesting. He claimed to have seen her in the West Wing in an area where taking photographs is forbidden, but Melanie’s office is in the East Wing and there wasn’t a press briefing scheduled for that day, so I’m not sure why he was there.

On May 25, while responding to questions from reporters about Mrs. Trump’s well-being, the former reality show star gestured toward a White House window and said, “She’s doing great. She’s looking at us right there.”

Reporters looked up and there was no sign of Melania in any of the windows.

We’re going to need proof of life, but at this point, in this reality show that we all seem to be stuck in, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway might trot out with Melanie’s severed finger to prove that she’s alive.

The only people who don’t seem to be concerned about the First Lady are Trump supporters.

Image via screen capture.