The Internet Explodes With Laughter After White House Releases Pic Of Bigly Letter From Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump told reporters yesterday that he received a ‘very nice’ letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, then in the next breath, the former reality show star said he did not open it yet. The White House released a photo of  Trump posing with the bigly letter alongside Kim Jong Chol, North Korea’s former intelligence chief and a top aide to NK’s leader. Trump has defended the size of his hands in the past and he just might have to do that again because the photo that was released seems to be straight out of a badly scripted cartoon.

The Internet pounced.

It’s almost as if Kim is trolling the former reality show star.

When reporters asked about the contents of the letter, Trump described it as “very interesting.”

“At some point I may be, it may be appropriate I’ll be able to give it to you, you’ll be able to see, and maybe fairly soon,” he said, before later admitting that he had not read it yet.

Image via White House.