Rubio Campaign Chair Just Called Obama A Monkey In Bizarre Roseanne Defense

The chairwoman of Marco Rubio’s campaign decided to support Roseanne Barr by showing us that she might be an even worse human being than the former sitcom star.

In terms of right-wing campaign volunteers, Susan Goldstein is a real catch — that is to say that she’s a monstrous person who should go f*ck herself. Goldstein served as a Florida state representative between 2004 and 2006, so she definitely knows that part of public life is not saying revolting racist things — unless, of course, you’re a Republican.

The Miami New Times reports that Goldstein, who currently serves on the board of the Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists, says that President Obama looks like a monkey.

Goldstein whined that there is a “double standard” between liberals and conservatives because people compare Trump — a white or orange (who can tell, really) man — to an orangutan without being called racists while conservatives can’t call black people monkeys and apes (a common racist attack) without being correctly called racists. Then she zeroed in on Obama in a bizarre and “not-racist” Facebook attack.

“And I truly think Obama resembles the Curious George cartoon, who I think is an adorable character. Curious George that is. That is what my eyes see,” she wrote. “And I am not racist, and there is not mean-spirited intent in my observation. But I can’t say it. Double standard.”

“One thing has nothing to do with the other,” she added. “God made everyone with some kind of cultural identifying characteristics.”

When asked about her “not-racist” remark, she said that the New Times was making “something out of nothing,” adding  “this is why people hate the press.” She initially denied writing the comments, but ultimately admitted that she was having a discussion “among friends.”

“I don’t come from a racist society, so that never occurred to me,” she says. “I didn’t compare all black people to apes. I said Barack Obama looked like Curious George. I also called him cute!”

In the end, she blames evolutionists for her racist comment.

“I believe there is a double standard,” she says. “All I was trying to say is that I don’t get why this ‘comedian excuse’ works for some and not others.”

“I saw Wanda Sykes compare Donald Trump to an orangutan. Didn’t we all evolve from apes? Isn’t that what the evolutionists agree that we all evolved from?” Goldstein continued. “So I don’t understand why it’s OK for a comparison to be made to an ape for white people but not blacks.”

Rubio’s campaign, as expected, is silent about this. Maybe she’ll take a page from Roseanne’s book and blame it on Ambien.