Right-Wing Congressional Candidate Openly Admits To Being A Pedophile

The right-wing – some officially in the Republican Party and some not – has some…interesting…candidates running for Congress in 2018. First, there is the literal Nazi who just cinched the Republican nomination in Illinois’s Third District, Arthur Jones. Then, there is Patrick Little, the guy out in California who is running for Senator Diane Feinstein’s Senate seat. He is running on an openly anti-Semitic platform, but his polling has dropped down to 0%. He is also running as a Republican. Third, there is Paul Nehlen of Wisconsin’s First District, who is running to replace House Speaker Paul Ryan, who will not seek re-election. He is such a crazy white supremacist that even Breitbart News disavowed him. Now, we’ve found another one.

Meet 37-year-old Nathan Larson of Charlottesville, Virginia. He is running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, and he also happens to be an admitted pedophile and misogynist. He ran suiped.org and incelocalypse.today – which were websites for pedophiles and misogynistic “incels” – you know, those freaks who think they are entitled to women’s bodies. 

Luckily, HuffPost found out about Larson when they recognized that his campaign website and those vile chat boards shared the same IP address. Now, one would think that someone caught being connected to such material would be ashamed, and deny, deny, deny. But not Nathan Larson. He gleefully admitted that, yes, he ran those websites, and had no problem with anyone knowing it. Larson wants to legalize rape and turn women into property, wants to legalize pedophilia, too. He says he doesn’t think it should be a problem in his Congressional bid:

“A lot of people are tired of political correctness and being constrained by it. People prefer when there’s an outsider who doesn’t have anything to lose and is willing to say what’s on a lot of people’s minds.”

So, it is just “political correctness” to protect children from sexual abuse and to treat women like human beings. Got it. On these websites, Larson has openly boasted about raping his ex-wife, who is now deceased, and has openly fantasized about raping his 3-year-old daughter. In fact, Larson once wrote the following on a message board for “suicidal pedophiles”:

“Why doesn’t every pedo just focus on making money so they can get a pedo-wife and then either impregnate her with some fucktoys or adopt some fucktoys? That would accommodate both those who are and aren’t into incest. And of course, the adoption process lets you pick a boy or a girl.”

Here’s just one screenshot of his handiwork, courtesy of HuffPost, in which Larson openly lusts after his young daughter under the screen name “Lysander”:

To top it all off, Larson, while he is running as an Independent, classifies himself as “quasi-neoreactionary libertarian” who wants to “protect benevolent white supremacy.” He also thinks Hitler is a “white supremacist hero.”

So, despite his spot as an Independent on the ballot, there’s no mistaking what side of the aisle this fool is on. The only saving grace  here for the GOP is that they don’t have to officially repudiate yet ANOTHER crazy Nazi who is running for public office under their banner. Seems they’ve already got their hands full there.

Featured image via HuffPost/NathanLarson.org