WATCH: Fox Panel Explodes As Guest Calls Them Out For Denying Roseanne’s Racism

One of the oldest and most racist tropes with regards to African-Americans is to compare us to apes. That is what Roseanne Barr did via Twitter, with a racist rant about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. That, along with her fervent support for Donald Trump, and her trafficking in racist conspiracy theories over the years can only lead one to believe one thing about the star of the now-cancelled show by the same name: She’s a racist.

Now, thinking people everywhere would condemn Roseanne’s comments as racist. However, when dealing with the swamp that is Fox News, people’s morals are on shaky ground, especially when it comes to racism. Right-wingers are, by and large, more than okay with racism, and that is who Fox caters to. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that several panelists on that network clashed over whether or not it was racist. They couldn’t just agree on the truth.

To her credit, first,  after Host Harris Faulkner introduced the breaking news, panelist Jessica Tarlov cut straight to the chase, saying:

“Obviously, that’s racist to the nth degree.That’s something that you don’t expect someone in the public eye to do.”

However, Tarlov’s panelist, Noelle Nikpour, blamed political correctness when it came to ABC’s swift decision to kick Roseanne off the air, saying that “we live in a politically correct world right now.”

Tarlov then cried out, “It’s racism!” But, of course, like all racism deniers, Nikpour doubled down:

“Let’s just look at what she said. The tweet was not nice, it was ugly, it was demeaning, and let’s just leave it at that.”

The bickering continued, but of course the tack remains the same: On a network like Fox, even when racism slaps them square in the face, they have to have at least one person on each panel to deny it, because that is what their overwhelmingly racist viewer base wants. Sad, but true.

Watch the segment below:

Featured image via screen capture