Conservatives Are Totally Gonna Own The Libs By Getting Bill Maher Fired

Bill Maher makes some good points at times, but he’s still a sexist douchebag who regularly attacks Muslims. He’s also legitimately friends with right-wing crazypants Ann Coulter. In short, he’s a bit of a douchebag — but conservatives totally want to own the libs (and get revenge for Roseanne) by getting him fired for that time he compared Donald Trump to a primate.

No, we’re not fucking with you.

As you’re probably aware, Roseanne Barr’s TV show was canceled after she compared President Obama and his former advisor Valerie Jarret to ape babies.

Conservative influences are working overtime to push for Bill Maher to be fired, using the term “double standard” without having any goddamn clue what it means.

Naturally, conservatives are rabid over this even though they didn’t care at all yesterday or in 2013 when he actually made the joke. Trump sued him for $5 million over the remark but withdrew the lawsuit because it was the most ridiculous thing in the universe.

Since many liberals wouldn’t exactly mind seeing Bill Maher lose his job and even those who don’t want him gone find it hilarious that these raving morons think comparing a white and black person to a primate is anything remotely similar, the end result is that everyone is laughing at them for different reasons:

Now for the most hilarious part…

Bill Maher actually was fired by ABC — the same network that fired Roseanne — after he joked about 9/11.

Those screaming about double standards are apparently too stupid to do a basic fact check before throwing feces at everything.

Conservatives are stupid. This is yet more proof.